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kaya would be perfect for everything for me LOL but i like willa holland and adelaide kane as well

kaya was actually my first choice for margo (i think she would fit in both). willa is beautiful!!! (adelaine too, remember seeing her on teen wolf). you choose really good actress!

is it just me that thinks the couple cara+natt is gonna be weird?

you are not alone in this, mate. but well… maybe they work out together in the movie and we will be surprised. i’m just hoping they don’t screw the movie idk. for what i’ve seen, nat is a good actor, i didn’t get the chance to see cara as actress yet, but john was excited with her audition you know, let’s just wait to see it hahaha. who was your option to play margo?

Miles Halter and Alaska Young - FaceQ

Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters - FaceQ

Hi! I help run a fandom and feminist theory sideblog (femmefandom). In addition to posting cool stuff, we also make and analyze surveys pertaining to fandom. We’ve just posted a new fandom census and hoped you could reblog it to your followers. Thanks! femmefandom(.)tumblr(.)com/post/97992445054

i did it and already reblogged baby


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can u check out my blog?

i love it! keep it going baby because i was about to go to page 2 and there’s only one :((( want more, okay?